Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Hooray, another couple of fab sessions....

This Whats app group thing is really giving a focus....
I'll ask people if I can post a couple of pictures next week....and the chats good too... we still have a break for coffee...
now for the rest of you ou tthere....
 Well, of course I'm not Antony Gormley, or Grayson Perry... but you know, its not rocket science.....Get paper, get a pencil...a rubber is good too. Some probably have some, between cleaning, reading, yoga, gardening, walking, yawning, watching you tube....etc... and....look at something... and...DRAW! Yep thats it folks...

Thursday, 26 March 2020

And we continue with whats app

Well my Tuesday and Wednesday morning classes have been going strong. What wonderful people. What fab Art!
But now!!!!

And so... we decided to continue from their respective homes.

I set up a couple of what’s app groups.

I didn't think we needed a video link cus, well, mainly everyone is painting, and that would be like watching paint dry. Normally I wander round, say stuff, make coffee, say more stuff, then that’s it. So, I thought, lets try to reproduce that.

Oh it was great. Everyone tuned in at 9.30 and we even had a couple of guests who used to come to the classes but live abroad now.

We all said "Hi" and everyone popped a photo of their inspiration, or the painting they are working on, then we were off. I commented and helped where needed. Everyone had a chat from time to time. At 10.30 we had coffee...and more chat. Then back to work. It was great to see the developments.

Some carried on working even after 12.00...

I'm so looking forward to next week.!

Friday, 20 December 2019

It's been another fab year in the studio

The Studio has been buzzing, so many wonderful paintings have emerged. It has been such a privilege to watch everyone develop.
And from time to time it has transformed from workshop to gig venue, (all be it a very tiny one.) What fun!

Saturday, 13 July 2019

5th student exhibition

 It's been another lovely, productive year.
contributions from

Steve Abbot
Heather Barnes
Stephanie Cullen,
 Alison Daley
Angela Harvey
 Jane Hayman
Angie Healey
Antonia Hockton
Lynette Maynard
Hillary Mcpherson
Linda Pollard,
Carol Raffe
Rosemary Redfern
Naomi Wray
Margriet Van Nieuwburg
Henrietta Wells
Margret Williamson