Sunday, 8 July 2018

4th Summer Exhibition of Students fabulous work 2018

Heather Barnes 
Clare Brewer
Stephanie Cullen
Alison Daley
Kate Dines
Alison Embley
Angela Harvey
Jane Hayman
Angie Healey
Jenny Mackrell
Lynette Maynard
Hillary Mcpherson 
Lee Peryer
Linda Pollard
Carol Raffe
Rosemary Redfern
Michael Richards
Michelle Sherman
Naomi Wray
Margriet Van Nieuwburg
Henrietta Wells
Margret Williamson 

Monday, 18 June 2018

4th Summer Exhibition of Students work

The Studio: Ipswich
You are invited to the
4th Summer Exhibition of Students work

Painting by Angie Healey
Come and celebrate with us

Saturday 7th July 2.30 – 4.30pm
and Sunday 8th 2.30 – 4.30pm

It has been a fantastic year again. The Studio has been buzzing. There has been wonderful and exciting work going on, painting and drawing in all mediums, texture, mark making, colour... all has been explored.  Abstracts, still lives, works of the imagination, and life drawing goes from strength to strength.

So... Past, present and future students, please come and see what everyone has been getting up to in the classes. 
It will be great to see you.

Classes continue till the end of July and then we have a break and start up again, Tuesday 4th and Wednesday 5th September - so pop those dates in your diary.

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Wonderful work going on in the studio at the moment.

Tuesday and Wednesday art mornings are creative and busy. The Wednesday Night Life Drawing is great.
Here are some of this mornings drawings.

Here are some of the under paintings from week two of the six week Portrait Painting course.

Thursday, 14 December 2017

and a happy new year!!!!
Hope you all enjoyed the snow and quickly got your paints out....
(its like being on holiday... you get out all the kit and the moment has passed...)

Just a quick note.
Last days in the studio this year: Next Tuesday 19th and next Wednesday (both morning and evening) 20th.

we reconvene on the Wednesday 3rd of January 2018.. Both evening Life Drawing and morning Art Class..(anyone who is raring to get stuck in who usually comes on a Tuesday is welcome to come along on Wednesday morning instead.!)... I guess we better have a few less biscuits to sustain us. HO HO HO!!! (there's a theme emerging must be the Christmas spirit!)

ALSO....Stuck for the perfect present....(for yourself or someone else!)
I am planing a
Six week Portrait Painting Course. 
February 15th - March 22nd. 2018
Thursday mornings. 9.30 - 12.30
Lots of Demonstration and tuition, (Coffee or tea and biscuits naturally)
I want us to explore the form, accuracy, pallet and hopefully work towards developing your own style.
£160 the whole course. (Payment up front please so I can secure the model)
Places limited to 8 people- but we can go ahead with six.
email me to secure a place.

Look forward to seeing you in the New Year.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

NO Classes Next Week. (14th 15th)

NO Classes Next Week. (14th 15th)
START AGAIN Tuesday Morning 21st and Wednesday Morning 22ndLife Class Wednesday Eve 22nd November.

Friday, 27 October 2017

Wednesday morning drop in and Wednesday evening life drawing

Wednesday morning.
In the morning M continues to explore texture, drips, and adds... a hand!!!
A has nearly....nearly finished her complex painting of twigs and a bird,
and L begins another self portrait with touch as the starting point.
I encourage students to work on self portraits before they go on to paint other people, either from life or a photograph as you often feel a pressure to make it 'nice' for the viewer.. and when working from your own face this doesn't seem to happen so you can really look, or sometimes, feel.
It seems odd I know to start with touch, but it is something I have been exploring with myself and students for a while now.
We paint not just to get a likeness.... we can do that by photography, it has to be something else,
the feeling, emotion, the light, weight, intention... often the tactile experience of the paint, charcoal etc, is very significant. exploring by touch is so surprising, something that looks fluffy is sharp, a jug has an interior and exterior, I could go on and on.

Wednesday eve life drawing
We start as always with some breathing to focus our minds and leave the day outside the studio....I thought as it was a very small group I would skip the breathing, but they were adamant, in fact we did longer. I then try to explore some of the work we are going to be doing in the drawing. Not as peculiar as it if we are looking at weight, balance etc, with our eyes closed we can focus on this in our own bodies and the transfer that experience when drawing from the model. I have been using this more and more. you would be surprise at how the internalized feeling can work when looking.
This week I was focusing on the tiny foreshortening that occurs, sometimes at odds with what we see. We stood still and experienced our hands then brought one up to near our face, that one felt huge while the other virtually disappeared. We explored this focus on the subtle foreshortening in the gestural poses and then again in the long pose, not worrying about other aspects.

The beauty of working from the same model week after week is that you can really explore just what drawing is for you, that day. The light, the depth, the dynamic, the slowness, the internal strength in a seemingly simple pose, etc etc.