About the Studio

Ipswich is lucky at the moment, the arts scene is buzzing. We have festivals, Music in the park, -Ip art, Pulse, and now the Spill festival. We have the Dance House, the Wolsey Theatre, the Pacciti Company and the Regent. We have fringe theatre, - Eastern Angles, Red Rose Chain, and experimental theatre like Gecko, who have based themselves here. We have a thriving music scene. We have poetry evenings at Arlingtons Brasserie. We have a developing university. The Ipswich Institute has expanded its adult learning; the colleges have fantastic art foundation and performance and dance programs. Churches have been converted, we have CSV, and the town hall, and an Arts Centre is finally on the cards. The docks have become a happening place. In Ipswich centre, there are cafes, florists, vintage shops, wool shops, and a market.

And of course there are galleries, old galleries, new ones, artist led spaces, some galleries hire to art groups and individuals, so what’s different here. Why one more?

The Studio will be a contrast to the commercial galleries, It’s hard for artists who not snapped up by the establishment to continue to show their exploratory work, and of course development feels stifled and pointless  if you cannot show it...
The Studio is a place to show 'non selly' stuff, -  after all some work is just not sell able anyway, exploring patterns on the surface of water, or the flickers of candle light..... sound, or performance.
Perhaps some little watercolours by a performance artist, a series of abstract collages by an established portrait painter or a chance to see some costumes and the designs. 
There will be a donation box for the visitors to bung a few quid into to share between the artists, (everyone pays for other forms of entertainment... fringe theatre, bands, etc...Why not art?)

The work shown here to have integrity, and to be by a wide ranging,  and the  artists who show will curate, choosing how and what they want to show.
And there will be classes, workshops, and some evening demo's  too... Maybe some little plays, dance, rapp...

So come along, partcipate, discover and enjoy this little studio gallery - up an alley in a 1930's suburban street. -  A place where you can access this other work. 

-Annabel Mednick -26/09/2014

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