Saturday 26 July 2014

One coat finished...

and already The Studio looks fab!
Orlando helped me to paint it. Phew, a mammoth job in this heat.
The September Wednesday Night Life Drawing is already full up, so that's fantastic! Anyone wanting to come in October give me a call.
And... I am preparing a GRAND OPENING EXHIBITION ... for the Saturday13th September. I've aranged the artists, the music is planned... watch this space for details!

Wednesday 9 July 2014

" Pictures say it louder than words"- as the old adage goes!

Cleared and ready for its new white coat!
I have such plans! Exhibitions, (especially of the experimental stuff that's hard to show...) Classes, Demonstrations, Soirees, Workshops, Performance! ... Watch this space!

Wednesday 2 July 2014

I've been cleaning and sorting out the studio

So cathartic! So many bin bags. So much stuff to take to the dump.
I was really getting somewhere, old sketches and unsuccessful paintings were ready to be thrown in the trash, draws were emptied of accumulated screws, drawing pins, picture hooks, and broken pencils. The dried up paint tubes were chucked, hairless paintbrushes tossed aside, my pile of old paint encrusted pallets finally discarded ...then of course I found old exhibition brochures and notebooks and the process slowed down to a crawl....
I will prevail, by next week it will be ready for the emulsion! I will have that shining white cube.