Tuesday 1 December 2015

life drawing and painting workshop

Just a quick reminder, the life drawing workshop is this Sunday....
Due to a couple of late cancellations there is room to squeeze a few more in...
 Please email me if you want to come along.

Tuesday 24 November 2015

The Blue Years exhibition

Thanks to everyone who came along, it was lovely to see you. I hope you enjoyed the show.
Here are some photos so you can get a taste of the exhibition. 


I gave a little talk explaining the process. How, as Blue and I worked together over the four years it allowed me to look further than the likeness. 

I made large gestural paintings to explore expression, texture,  intention, emotion    
Some series were about the space and composition,
                          and some about the paint marks, the drips. 

with some I went with the flow, what happens against black backgrounds, aginst ochre, blue... and some were purely decorative, to give pleasure and please the eye.   

I am so pleased to have looked at this work again. I intend to revisit the things I found with these figure studies in my interior paintings, to play with the surface of the painting, to pull more energy and expression from the surface, to intensify  the contrasts of dark and light. to merge the figurs with the backgrounds... stir things up again. mmmm.

Thursday 22 October 2015

Exhibition of my paintings and a Life Drawing and Painting Workshop coming up

People have been asking about me running an all day workshop.
So Blue and I have arranged one. It will be on Sunday 6th December, 10 am -3 pm.
A couple of weeks before, on Saturday evening, 21st November 6.00 -9.00pm  I will have an exhibition of my paintings from when Blue and I worked intensely every week over some years. The Blue Years, to which you are very welcome.
 I have always worked from the model as part of my practice. I use the tiny observations to build the drawing or painting; I look at the subtle changes of light bouncing off the skin, the delicacy of tone. I enjoy the rapid marks that capture the immediacy and dynamic form of gestural poses.
When I worked with Blue for over four years, sometimes we worked on the same pose for week after week which allowed me to work more deeply than just getting a likeness. In one series I explored the emotion, in another the composition, the humanity. Blue understands what I am trying to evoke in my painting, it has become a two- way exploration with paint and shape. This symbiosis continues in our work with our students, we work as a team.

Monday 28 September 2015

New Thursday Morning Art Class

Hi Everyone,
I have had a positive response..so
Starting this Thursday morning, the 1st October...9.30 - 11.30 (I have yoga at 12...)

and it will cost £10 a session...
The class will be suitable for all abilities, from beginners who just fancy having a go for pleasure, to professionals wanting a space in their work to explore new ideas. Its more of a guided tutorial... 
I will run it along the lines of my Tuesday morning class. I find people bounce off diversity.
I will set up a still life, but people can work from photos or their imagination. They can work in what ever materials they like and bring with them, but  I will have other stuff on hand for them to experiment with. They can explore what styles they wish, from naturalism to the abstract, from drawing and paint to conceptual performance... what ever rocks your boat!
So hopefully see you then...and please spread the word!

Thursday 24 September 2015

Tuesday Morning Painting Class

Starting the term with some fab paintings!

Thursday 9 July 2015

Exhibition this Saturday and Sunday.

Hi Everyone,Just a quick reminder, the exhibition of a year of classes in the studio is this Saturday and Sunday.I hope you can make it. I am presenting some of the life drawings as an installation that will give a taste of the drawing class.
 'Have the students taken a coffee break... when will they get back?'

Monday 29 June 2015

Summer Exhibition of Students work, Saturday 11th July 6.30 – 9.30pm continues Sunday 2 – 6pm

My students have been working so hard over the last year at my studio and I am proud to present their work in a weekend long exhibition. If you are in Ipswich I hope you can make it. 

Sunday 24 May 2015

Pips latest drawing

Pip is developing his charcoal portraiture, keeping the work expressive and fluid.

Saturday 25 April 2015

lovely morning with Pip

I have a young student who comes to me from time to time. This is one of his pieces of work from the last session.
Fab Eh! 
This morning, using himself as the model, he drew many gestural drawings. Then he worked on a long drawing deciding on the pose,(a difficult one,) and explored how to use the earlier studies. He is only 15, a great artist in the making.