Thursday 22 October 2015

Exhibition of my paintings and a Life Drawing and Painting Workshop coming up

People have been asking about me running an all day workshop.
So Blue and I have arranged one. It will be on Sunday 6th December, 10 am -3 pm.
A couple of weeks before, on Saturday evening, 21st November 6.00 -9.00pm  I will have an exhibition of my paintings from when Blue and I worked intensely every week over some years. The Blue Years, to which you are very welcome.
 I have always worked from the model as part of my practice. I use the tiny observations to build the drawing or painting; I look at the subtle changes of light bouncing off the skin, the delicacy of tone. I enjoy the rapid marks that capture the immediacy and dynamic form of gestural poses.
When I worked with Blue for over four years, sometimes we worked on the same pose for week after week which allowed me to work more deeply than just getting a likeness. In one series I explored the emotion, in another the composition, the humanity. Blue understands what I am trying to evoke in my painting, it has become a two- way exploration with paint and shape. This symbiosis continues in our work with our students, we work as a team.