Past Events

November Life drawing day with Orwell Art Club 2018

4th Summer Students exhibition July 2018

Six week Portrait Painting Course. 
February 15th - March 22nd. 2018

 All day Life Drawing and painting weekend September 2017 

9th of July 2017
A demonstration/interactive performance
Underneath the skin, an exploration into the identity of Leo Collins  
by Annabel Mednick
Leo is 23,he has cerebral palsy and he tends to move a lot which can be challenging for the artist.
The call and response between the artist and the sitter is an exciting, fluid experience and one that Leo and I would like to share with others.

In the performance/demonstration we talk together as I try to discover how to represent the external and internal self. How is a person with a disability perceived when immortalized in stillness? The audience are also engaged as I ask for their opinions and directions. 
3rd Summer exhibition July 2017


Friday, 26 August 2016

One day workshop with Orwell Art Club.

Nine members of the art club arrived in the studio for their all day workshop, bright, early and eager.
The workshop was from 10 till 4, time enough to really get into it.

July 2016


 'The Blue Years' Exhibition 21st November 2015

figure in space combination 1

figure in space combination 2

Summer Exhibition July 2015
students work summer show 2015
students work summer show 2015

summer show, students work 2015

under the skin demo march 2015 

Exhibition Ruth Richmond and Emma Reynolds November 2014

Emma Reynolds 2014
Ruth Richmond 2014

Emma Reynolds 2014

Ruth Richmond 2014
             Opening Exhibition September 2014

Fin and Jake by Albert Duggan fimo modelling material aprox 7cm
Homeowner - by Ben Westley Clarke, oil on canvas  150cm x 120cm

Summer Life Drawing workshop 2013
        The Maids 2012 
                                     Liz Bradshaw, Giovanna Maria Cassetta, Annabel Mednick

                    Frailty in Thought promanade performance. 2011                                             Giovanna Maria Cassetta, Annabel Mednick 

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