Workshops/ Demos

Workshops and Demonstrations can be held  at your venue or you could bring a group to the studio. Working from the model or from a member of your group, in charcoal or oil paint. See a demonstration of how to build a picture from a photograph or still life.

Life classes offer our very unique look at working with the model.
With Tutor Annabel Mednick and Model Blue King
An opportunity to be adventurous and take a fresh look at life drawing. The students discover the interplay between the Artist and the model.
We explore, using gestural sketches to look for shape and form. Where is the weight, the dynamic, the flow? We use different materials and techniques. In longer poses you can start to experiment, looking for essence, energy, and the relation of the figure to the world around.  Expanding ideas, consolidating and building on what is developing.
For further details contact Annabel Mednick on 07736009102 or email

 If you would like to hold a soiree, experimental performance in a very intimate setting, or have any other idea you would like to discuss please contact me 07736009102 or e-mail

                         November Life drawing day with Orwell Art Club 2018 in the Studio

                     Adventures in life drawing,  Pacciti Company, Think Tank,  Ipswich 2014

                                    Demonstration of portrait drawing in charcoal


                                                   Painting Workshop at Pin Mill Gallery


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