Tuesday 22 December 2020

We've kept on paintingand drawing!

 I havent posted all year... eeekkkk! 

Well the classes continued all through lockdown via whats app... each Tuesday and Wednesday mornings everone would draw, paint and comunicate with text and photos...  but we were all happy to come back to the studio in September, with the doors open, and two meteres between, lots of cleaning etc etc, and only five people each session... that worked well as most weeks someone finds they can't make it, and people shuffled about between the two days. 

Then lockdown again... but now we are sophisticated and tech savvy... we used google meets to keep the sessions going. A structured one on Tusedays (but people could also work on other things,) and do what you want on Wednesday.... who knows what 2021 will bring! 

Seasons Greeting folks!

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